There are licenses for Public Viewing and Classroom Viewing. Please purchase a License

Public Viewing

Public performance of the film ‘Searching for Angela Shelton’ in any setting does not qualify as “private home viewing” and requires licensing.

Organize a Public Event to show the film Searching for Angela Shelton and raise money to purchase a Public Performance License. You may charge for tickets to raise money for your local charity, school or organization that is working to end violence.

Invite all the advocacy groups in your area to the event. Have a group discussion after the movie about how you are going to break the silence and the cycle of trauma and abuse in your area.

Show this Documentary!

Classroom License

By ordering this Classroom Performance License, you agree to the Licensing Agreement that is downloadable with this purchase. You must also purchase a DVD with your license. Check out ways to bring Angela to your community under Events on

Show the movie in classrooms in schools and universities around the world. Contact your local schools and find your local teachers and professors and tell them about the movie. Use the Searching for Angela Shelton Viewing Guide and make a class project out of it.

Your license lasts for the life of the DVD!