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  1. Angela, thank you for crusading. I am beginning on a crusade as well. Please read the following and let me know what advice you have. This is going public in a big way. I will not stop until my kids and the kids of this community are safe:

    Recently we found out that a perpetrator of multiple counts of child

    molestation and rape has been released of the obligation to register as a sex

    offender. When the perpetrator was age 14-17 he raped and abused children

    from the ages of 6 months to 8 years of age. He plead no contest and spent

    time in the Youth Authority facilities, but is now free. We were told and

    promised that this child molester would forever be required to register as a

    sex offender. Recently, without the victims’ parents or families being

    notified, there were court proceedings which removed this individual’s

    obligation to register as a sex offender. This took place in central California. Ian is now free to move about

    society without warning to unsuspecting parents and children.

    He is a clear and present danger to all children. In fact, he has recently

    become bold enough to contact one of his victims through Facebook…

    something that was supposed to be forbidden by court order. We are afraid for

    our children. We are afraid for all children. He is a sick and twisted

    individual. He is not “rehabilitated” by our system of justice. In his own

    eyes, he has just won. He now is setting about to torment his victims and the

    families of his victims by online contact and intimidation.

    WE WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED!!! nor will we be at peace with the judge’s orders.

    It is a travesty of justice. Without strict supervision and registration with

    the proper authorities, this individual will hurt innocent children again. I

    say this because I have known him his entire life. He is the son of an ex-family friend.

    Ian’s character has always been volatile. He has been “disturbed” his entire life. What would change him

    now? Recidivism by this type of perpetrator is highly, statistically

    probable. Knowing this particular offender his whole life, I give warning…

    he is not stable. Ian Hull is perverse.

    Our lives have been torn to shreds by the molestations. Our children have

    suffered horrible psychological damage due to this perpetrator’s perverted

    actions. The only peace we had was assuming this convicted child molester was

    required to register as a sex offender, be monitored and thereby afford the

    children of the community some measure of safety and peace.

    We need help to correct this issue. We seek your help and advice. We have

    the opportunity now to prevent more trauma and victimization by a brutal


    Please Advise.


    Father of Victim #1
    Rob Davey

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